More than Enough Choices

Production and application of modular space frame

Keding’s trademark -Modular space frame production and application as:

  • main bearing static system that allows the structural design to incorporate arching theory reaching elegant simplicity of the architectural beauty, appearing as unique architectural and engineering solution for a number of significant buildings such as: road paytolls, gas stations, auditoriums, exhibition halls and many commercial and industrial structures, often exceeding client’s expetations.
  • heavy bearing scaffold during reconstruction and performance of structuresstructures
  • non standard traffic signs
  • road traffic sign portals

With the UNISTRUT modular space frame starting from project design, production to mounting Keding offers unique solutions for many atypical civil engineering ideas and needs.

Emphasizing the aesthetics, operational safety and unique constructive solutions, the space frame sets KEDING as a competent leader in the field of construction, dealing with the biggest challenges. Keding manages to apply this type of construction in all its sectors – an integral element in every process of structure construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation even in the road signalization sector.