Wide variety, attention to detail

More than enough choices of
  • Modul space frame
  • Traffic signalization
  • Elastic guardrail
  • Reconstruction & Rehabilitation
  • Structure performance
  • Reparation of asphalt and concrete cracks
  • Surveying services
  • Project design
  • Specialized consulting
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Production and application of modular space frame

Keding’s trademark -Modular space frame production and application as:

  • main bearing static system that allows the structural design to incorporate arching theory reaching elegant simplicity of the architectural beauty, appearing as unique architectural and engineering solution for a number of significant buildings such as: road paytolls, gas stations, auditoriums, exhibition halls and many commercial and industrial structures, often exceeding client’s expetations.
  • Heavy bearing scaffold during reconstruction and performance of structures
  • Non standard traffic signs
  • Road traffic sign portals

With the UNISTRUT modular space frame starting from project design, production to mounting Keding offers unique solutions for many atypical civil engineering ideas and needs.

Emphasizing the aesthetics, operational safety and unique constructive solutions, the space frame sets KEDING as a competent leader in the field of construction, dealing with the biggest challenges. Keding manages to apply this type of construction in all its sectors – an integral element in every process of structure construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation even in the road signalization sector.

montaza-na natpaten-portal

Traffic signal services

We offer a wide range of services including traffic signal installation, emergency traffic light repairs, intelligent traffic systems and signalized intersections. We are committed in providing our clients with the highest quality service, while still remaining cost effective.

For over 20 years, it has been our goal to take the lead in sustainability, quality and safety, in the field of traffic signalization. Our accumulated expertise and resources enables us to provide innovative solutions using unique type of structures.

In order to provide the highest quality service, we offer a wide range of services including:

  • Procurement and installation of vertical standard traffic signs
  • Application of horizontal traffic signalization
  • Installation and maintenance of temporary traffic regimes including light traffic signalization
  • Installation of non standard traffic signs – specially adopted unique steel space frame for construction of non standard traffic signs and road traffic sign portals even exceeding normal spans.
  • Procurement and installation of road elastic protective fence systems.

Using the UNISTRUT Steel space frame, CPRE Keding appears with the most innovative ideas for installation of non standard traffic signs and road portals.

Мaintaining our business partnerships and expanding our resources and equipment we are verified as a leader in the market for installation of road elastic protective fence systems.

Road Safety Elastic Systems

From the very beginning and establishment, CPRE Keding Dooel Skopje appears as a reliable and stable partner in the field of procurement and installation of road safety elastic systems , offering all applicable systems in accordance with applicable/valid norms and regulations.

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Structure reconstruction and rehabilitation

Structural reconstruction of the various types of structures based on years of experience and the secrets of the old good masters. We specialize in accessing remote locations to provide cost effective, critical repairs using innovative methods.

 From the very beginning , we have specialized in the field of structure reconstruction and rehabilitation. The most complex structures, subject of reconstruction, are our passion. We have highly trained staff (from masters to engineers) proved with the finished projects, that can answer even on the most serious structure reconstruction.

CPRE Keding offers wide range of reconstruction and rehabilitation services

  • Rehabilitation and reparation of concrete surfaces
  • Structural strengthening of bridges, culverts, viaducts
  • Transformation of the load bearing static system of the structures
  • Extension of existing structures
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Structure performance

Performance of a wide range of structures including steel commercial and industrial objects to culverts, bridges and viaducts.

Keding has a solid experience in the field of structure performance, in a wide range of structures starting from steel commercial and industrial structures to culverts, bridges and viaducts, for over 25 years. Through the years we have developed our technological processes and adopted our resources for even the most difficult and complex working conditions, proving with the sustainable quality.

Reparation of asphalt and concrete cracks

Effective methods of crack repair including processing and sealing of asphalt cracks and high pressure injection of critical, constructive concrete cracks using licenced materials.

Survey services

– Construction land surveys
– Design land surveys

Through the years of active construction work with unique structures, CPRE Keding DOOEL Skopje has developed survey sector in order to become supremely competent and stable partner in all construction phases and processes. Now Keding has survey team able to handle and observe even the most complex structures, in the field of Engineering geodesy, starting from early stage-excavation phase to final as built design.

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Project design

Designing of all phases of construction projects, preparation of complete technical and project documentationin accordance with applicable law legislation and standards.

Specialized Consulting

Innovative ideas and constructive approach in solving even the most complex problems in the field of civil engineering.

Our experienced team at any time offers unique professional ideas and solid expert advices for realization of the client’s ideas in the domain of civil engineering and traffic signalization.